Jessica Farquhar

Lay and Love

Even though I like
the video Will
Oldham made
for this song
with the guy
who has a date
with a hooker inside
a truck trailer decorated
with candles and an
American flag
while Will sits
eating peanuts outside,
during my morning
meditation I made up
my own visual
sequence: I have a
loved one and I pick
him up between
my thumb and forefinger
and I swallow him.
I don’t chew him
because that would
hurt him but
I swallow him as a way of
dropping him
into my heart.
I think Will would
like this as a
music video
for his song, or if
I was his wife
I would tell him
he should like it.



appears to me in fever dreams, all
kinds of dreams, and he serenades.
(He is the goddess of nurturance
and inspiration.) He has blue lotus

feet, the frame of a sprite, and a
Buddha belly. He jogs down his
street in cutoff jean shorts and
flip-flops, dives at the community

pool in a yellow Speedo. He shares
my pimento cheese sandwiches when
I offer one. How do I take it when
he bows to me? I nod and say I was just

on my way to the port-a-pot. Then I go
off and name my children after him.


Wendy XuJessica Farquhar holds an MFA in Poetry from Purdue, where she was the assistant director of Creative Writing. You can find her poems in recent or future issues of BetterTransom, and Lumberyard; reviews and interviews in Sycamore Review, andDiagram