Secret Email

I'm writing to you from this secret hideaway email
b/c I'm gonna bitch about the institution & they own,
you know, our emails. That's what happens

when we .edu ourselves. We get downright dangerous
& our emails may need, at some later juncture,
to be confiscated, our mailboxes taken down, our 401ks

emptied out, and the office erased of our names.
Howsoever, it sounds like                  is a skateboard
& they've given you a punk culture class: hot damn.

It sounds like                  is a surf and turf of lib. arts
& maybe a few waves of red in the blue hair
& probably more awareness. Erstwhile, here

in the land of cows, nanotechnics, football
and civil engineering, I had a faculty meeting
wherein the Boss Man said: "We are starting

a wellness initiative." Then handed unto us
a chart titled "Challenge A. Fitness Frenzy"
We shall run, hike, snow, ski or cycle.

Each week will be named a "Most Fit English
Department Colleague" and awarded
a certificate, and at the end of the semester,

the winner, the Most Fit, Most Well Colleague
will receive a course release for Fall
No one said nothing. There was no resistance.

There is no is there. Nor did I. Keep my mouth
buttoned for the Boss Man. Til I get tenure
& can, at the very least, speak. But it's wild isn't it?

To think of a group of people, 40 total, silent
w/ our Judith Butlers and Slavoj Zizeks
keeping all our analytical lenses quiet

for the wellness initiative. This system smells
old and spoiled. There's nothing to do about it.
Is there? The Boss Man, I'm told, holds grudges.

Wendy Xu